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Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Red Deer

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Bonding Red Deer

Dental bonding Red Deer - Gap Closure Red Deer

Dental composites are tooth colored restorative materials made to blend in with your natural smile. Composites are used to fill cavities, restore chips and cracks, or seal gaps between teeth and build up teeth edges that are worn-down where necessary. Patients can even replace old metal fillings with more esthetic looking tooth colored filings at clinicRed Deer in Red Deer for a more natural looking smile.

Teeth Whitening Red Deer

Teeth whitening for a brighter smile at clinicRed DeerTeeth Whitening and teeth bleaching are different terms referring to the same procedure. The treatment uses a safe concentration of peroxide gel which is applied to the teeth in order to remove stains that have accumulated in just 45 minutes!


Porcelain Veneers Cost Red Deer - $ veneersRed Deer

Porcelain veneers cost at clinicRed Deer

Porcelain veneers generally cost between $ veneersRed Deer per tooth at clinicRed Deer in Red Deer. Some cases will require the placement of only one or two veneers to close a gap for example. Other cases may require a full set of veneers to alter the size, shape and overall appearance of the patient’s smile. 

Dental Crown Restoration Red Deer

Dental crown by nameRed Deer

Dental crowns are fabricated caps that are used to protect and restore teeth which are damaged by excessive decay. Dental crowns are a full coverage restoration,  so nameRed Deer, your Red Deer dentist, will likely advise an alternative option such as one of the more conservative treatments available if possible before deciding upon dental crown as a procedure.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Red Deer

Zoom whitening video at clinicRed Deer by nameRed Deer in Red Deer

Tooth discoloration is largely caused by drinking dark colored beverages such as cola, tea, coffee, red wine etc. Discoloration is also caused by smoking and aging. As we age, so do our enamel. It develops tiny microscopic cracks that trap food and drink particles which cause staining. Learn more about Zoom Whitening at clinicRed Deer.

Gingivectomy Red Deer

Gingivectomy procedure available at clinicRed Deer Gingival tissue refers to the gums surrounding the teeth. A gingivectomy is the professional contouring of this tissue. Gingival sculpting is a minimally invasive procedure performed by nameRed Deer (Red Deer Dentist) at clinicRed Deer with a specialized laser to reshape and remove excess gum tissue for a more esthetically pleasing smile.

Cosmetic Dentist Red Deer

Cosmetic dentistry at clinicRed Deer by nameRed DeerA Cosmetic Dentist is primarily concerned with the esthetic appearance of teeth. 

I, nameRed Deer, strive for excellence and perfection in all I do at clinicRed Deer, through continuing education and using leading edge Cosmetic Dentistry technology. Creating Hollywood A-list Smiles!

Dental Bridge Restoration Red Deer

Dental Implant fixed dental bridge by nameRed DeerWhen one or more teeth are missing from your smile, your appearance and daily functions may be significantly impacted. Missing teeth can resulting in the shifting of teeth, speech impediments, change in bite, TMJ, decay, and gum disease.





Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ Red Deer

What causes tooth discoloration?

A. As we age, so does the enamel in our teeth and so it may dull, stain, or lose some of its shine. There are other contributing factors to discoloration of course. Tobacco products, dark colored beverages such as cola, coffee, tea, red wine, and even some medications can cause the teeth to dull in color. Genetics and excessive fluoride consumption may also be influential factors to tooth discoloration. teeth whitening is a fast and easy solution to removing stains and discoloration within the teeth. Check out our teeth whitening section to learn more about what options are available to you.

Teeth Whitening Cost Red Deer - $ whiteningRed Deer

Teeth whitening cost at clinicRed Deer in Red Deer

Professional teeth whitening is performed by a dental professional is because the whitening formula is much stronger than what is available over the counter. In-office teeth whitening has the power to remove deep set stains in the fastest amount of time possible, without damaging the tooth enamel or gums.

Porcelain Veneers Red Deer

Before and after dental veneers by nameRed Deer

Porcelain veneers are customized shell-like enhancements usually made of ceramic material and are used to conceal worn down tooth enamel, spacing, poor alignment, or simply cracks and chips. nameRed Deer at clinicRed Deer has the expertise and artistic ability to enhance your natural smile.

Veneers are generally categorized into cosmetic dentistry as they are used mostly for esthetic purposes to improve and perfect smiles while maintaining a natural appearance. Porcelain veneers are a great way to repair the appearance of your teeth without the need for extensive dental work.

Smile Makeover Red Deer

Smile makeover by nameRed Deer in Red DeerDo you find yourself often covering your mouth when your smile? Do you feel self conscious about stains or discoloration in your teeth? Do you wish your teeth were more aligned? Very few of us are born with perfect smiles yet having a beautiful smile that you feel confident about is still attainable with clinicRed Deer. 

The smile makeover process may include one or a combination of the following procedures: composite bonding, dental veneers, teeth whitening and dental implants. Smile makeovers are generally elective and for esthetic purposes.

Cosmetic Dentistry Cost Red Deer

Cosmetic dentistry cost at clinicRed DeerAt clinicRed Deer, you can recieve quality cosmetic dental care at an affordable price. nameRed Deer, your Red Deer dentist, offers patients dental financing along with our affordable dental payment plans to help you achieve the smile you deserve at a reasonable price.

Zoom Whitening Cost is $ whiteningRed Deer

Zoom Whitening Cost in Red Deer

Zoom whitening is classified under cosmetic dentistry and is not covered by dental insurance.

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